The Tracks

Here on Drum Lion there are now seven tracks – I have three in post-production.

The name Drum Lion is a play on words from “drumline.” I spent over 10 years playing in drumlines – probably my favorite thing I have ever done! And everything I have ever done since reflects the experience and lessons learned.

Drum Trance
As is mostly the case when I see a great performance I am inspired!!!! Thanks for the great show in Victoria Laila Biali! She used BoomWhackers in a tune! I used to teach kids drumming using Boomwhackers! they loved it! I did too!!!

Trance Drums … thanks for inspiration!!!

A real organic gritty drum piece. Like a lot of my compositions, they start with a groove. I play it maybe a dozen times, different ways and from there the layers start.

As a rudimental snare drummer (Drum Corps and Pipe Band) I love thinking about all the electronic instruments I have at my fingertips as if they were being played on a field … in a march. I imagine a huge drum battery marching past.

Judy’s Tune
This started on Kalimba. A young lady I knew was sitting and crying – she was going through rough times. I started playing a small riff on a Kalimba I had with me. It made her smile. I took that riff and wrote her a tune… I hope it makes you smile!

Written immediately after a walk by the ocean. I used to go to the beach in the middle of the night with a drum and used the ocean sounds and waves as a metronome and sometimes inspiration.

Another tune inspired by a great performance. I was at a Marcus Miller concert and happened to be standing in front of the stage about 5 feet from Marcus. Mesmerized by his playing I went home and wrote and played this completely on the Zen Drum. My ode to a great bass player!

Written for Alli.

No idea where this came from – sitting at the drums and keyboards. It simply appeared. And I am so ever grateful that it did – possibly my favorite tune.